Thursday, April 07, 2011

Amazing - Live video stream to see baby leopards being born

Soon, very soon it's possible to see again LIVE how baby Amur leopards are being born in Tallinn Zoo. Just follow THIS LINK for the infrared camera inside their nest!

People from the zoo are saying that they expect the birth to happen very soon! Keeping fingers crossed for Darla and her soon-to-be-born babies!!

You can read more about this species from this article in Wikipedia for example.
These cats are one of the most endangered big cats in the world.

Here is my blog post from last year when Darla had her pervious two babies.

PS. On that picture you can see babies from last year - Hasan and Hanka :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 - OMG!

2010 - what a year!!

It has been the year of biggest changes for me since a very long time. Basically all the main aspects of my life have changed! Plus I did stuff that I would not have believed I am capable of doing!

It would be easier to list the things that have NOT changed (no major changes in health for example) :D I will still try to write down the stuff that have changed in my life in 2010 and also simply cool things what I've done or what have happened...

- My relationship that lasted for 3,5 years ended in spring. I am sad that we couldn't make it to work but we both learnt a lot and managed to stay friends at least. Now I'm quite enjoying my life as a single girl and I'm not in a rush to start something new just yet. It's good to take time for me in between :)
- I've moved out from the place that was my home for 3 years and that I helped to renovate and decorate so it was emotionally a bit hard to close that chapter.
- I have lived with my brother and sister for a number of months this year. I just love how it has enabled us to connect with each other!
- I finally felt that I was financially free and even able to save enough to...
- my OWN flat! Now I'm a full time project manager to arrange all the renovation works there :P Hopefully can move in in January 2011

- I had a wonderful job this year that helped me to grow a lot and learn so much!
- Unfortunately I was made redundant in Oct because of huge restructuring happening in the company. It's an event that could have pushed me totally down but for some reason I feel totally ok with it. In fact I think it's exactly what I needed right now to find a new path for myself :)
- My son has lived mostly with his father for the past 4 months and I have not seen him as much as I would have liked to :( This is mostly because I don't have my own home right now so he has a much more stable life with his father. This will change back to normal as soon as I finish the renovation in my flat so I have to hurry with it :)
- I have reconnected with a number of old friends that I lost contact with. Totally amazing!
- So many new people came into my life and a number of them I can call friends! I have to make sure they stay my friend because it's so easy to lose that connection.
- I closed a few important chapters in my life that were sort of on hold for a while.
- I travelled alone to America! :P 3 weeks in total in Chicago, Toronto, Miami and GUATEMALA were simply amazing! Of course a bunch of other trips as well in 2010 :)
- I pushed myself physically! First I participated and COMPLETED a mini-triathlon! Then I kayaked to a small island called Kihnu and back (26 km in total - I've never been so tired...). And then I hiked in Norway in rain, snow, water, cold and on mountains... Ah, and I shouldn't forget the cycling event Roheliste Rattaretk that I participated in for the first time :P All of these things made me expand my physical but also mental limits and feel that anything is possible!! My new moto - IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

Kayaking to Kihnu - I've never been so tired... but it was worth it!

Hiking in Norway, the happiest moment after 12 hours of hiking, of which 8 in snow that was sometimes up to our waste

Temples of Tikal in Guatemala, showing their tops above the rainforest


What does all this mean for my 2011?? Well, if 2010 was the year of changes then 2011 will be no different in that front, I'm sure :P Everything has to keep on changing, that's the only option! I feel as if I'm on this big CROSS-ROAD right now and there are a number of options in front of me that all look very interesting and appealing. I have still to decide which path to choose. A bunch of possibilites are still waiting to be revealed for me, I'm sure. All I have to do is to make sure I'm ready! And I think I am, so, BRING IT ON!! :D

The only thing that is certain is that everything will change!